June 07 2005
so whats goin on with everybody?


June 07 2005
not a lot

Sarah Vermillion

June 07 2005
Enjoying summer as a teenager - will probably be some of the most randomly relaxing time of my life.

Stephanie Levine

June 08 2005
I have to pee. Stephanie


June 09 2005
i rode my bike to northfiled and played on the playground today.

Rachel Tenpenny

June 12 2005
whats going on with ME??? not too much i guess lol. ready for band camp!? only like... a month and a half from now!


June 18 2005
BAND CAMP!!!!...if only i could only play the EVIL mellophone that TOTALLY hates me!!!

Jane Woodard

June 18 2005
nooooooooot muuuuuch :)