June 29 2005
so last night i walked by the frount door, and i heard a man outside talking to my dad, i thought its probly another marine knowing my dad..., turns out it was. He was havin a hard time so my dad gave him a little money. "you never know if there givin you a load of bull, but either way its a good turn". i agree. but the man showed up again today asking for a ride and some help with dad said he was going to tell him hes on his own after this...i just dont want somebody freeloading of my dad. I'v said it before, i respect my dad more than anyone else in this world..and it pisses me off to see someone try to do crap to him....sigh

anyway im leavin for florida in 2 days, i wish my dad could do something fun...

anyway ill talk to you guys later



June 29 2005
You should take him with you.

Dana Yo

June 29 2005
the 'frount' door. Ok, maybe u win.

Jane Woodard

June 29 2005
i wish he could do something fun too :(

Rachel Tenpenny

June 29 2005
you are seriously one of the sweetest boys ive ever met!! now, as to the question of band camp.. i might come around once or twice, but honestly, i dunno... for several reasons. 1) dont wanna seem like im trying to take over ruth's job 2)sometimes, i think the directors doubt my abilities, or the lack thereof, whichever lol, and i dont want to be that one person who everybody thinks they think they're good but they really arent. make sense?'ll be bloody hot, and i have a/c at home lol. :-) love you!

Sarah Vermillion

June 30 2005
You never called me about lunch. :p It totally bites that someone's trying to take advantage of a good man like your dad.

Rachael Robertson

July 09 2005
hey how are you? i haven't heard from you lately until now... well bye