June 25 2005
Im back.

My brother went to knoxville, impounded... he really needs to get his act togeather, hes stressing my dad out. We changed the locks on the doors so he cant get in. And my sister is stealing money. I wish they could just stop pulling this crap.

anyway..i got me a new cat, erin, she's black and white.

thats about it.



June 25 2005
welcome back to the boro, where we put the bor in boring :-p

Stephanie Levine

June 25 2005
^^^Michael, that was lame...but cool? Wow, your family sounds a whole like mine , def. when Justin still lived here. A KITTY? I want.

Jane Woodard

June 25 2005
bad stuff :(


June 25 2005
that was funny, michael...and soooo true. i shall see you tuesday, jordan! uhh...i still dont like mellophone. its mean. and hates me.


June 25 2005
Mmm, I'm still going to beat them up. One of these days...

Sarah Vermillion

June 25 2005
Wow... I'm glad you're better behaved than your siblings. We'll definately figure out a new time for Far East. Yay, kitty! ^_^

Rachel Tenpenny

June 25 2005
well im glad for you, about the cat.