Hawaii Boys


Great week!

March 12 2006

What a great week. The one and only "Zach Ingle Experience" came down to Hawaii to hang out!

He play a little guitar….ok a lot of guitar..

We hung out on campus doing some outreach events!!!

And we went hiking, and got a little muddy.

Then on Wednesday "Miss Leslie Dudney" flew in to Maui to lead worship for us on Thursday night!!! It was great, I got to see my sis for the first time since I've been here. Anyways, we dressed up to pick her up…

Thursday night went great so Friday we were going to hang out at the beach…. Big beach that is, and the waves were huge!!!

Then Friday came and we we're sad b/c Zach was leaving at 4 and Leslie was leaving at 6, so after telling the Experience good-bye we got a cool black and white with our sister.

So it was a great week and I think we are going to try to do it again!!!!

p.s. im really tired so sorry if this blog was not that deep


Hawaii Boys

March 12 2006
ok so im not sure how or why but the are two sets of the “big beach” pictures. I have already edited it once and taken them out, but they just keep coming back??? -Hodge

John Dunahoo

March 12 2006
haha wow the Zach Ingle Experience has rubbed off oficially on others across see and its embedded in the minds of those who love [Zach Ingle].

Rachael Vance

March 13 2006
hey boys! i'm glad that u got to see leslie and zach. it looks like y'all had a very good time! hope to see you guys soon! be careful! :)


March 14 2006
nice waves!!! too bad i wasn't here this weekend! =( waahhh.