Feel like writing..it'll be long...

October 03 2005
So its been a weird couple of weeks these past few weeks. Im not so sure Im cut out for college, the teachers dont care and its hard and sometimes I just dont get it, maybe I just need to study even more then I already do but w/e. People in highschool LIVE IT UP!!! So anyways Ive been hanging out with some really awesome guys lately they all work or use to work with me and they are soo nice I love every one of them and the just make me laugh non stop all the time. Im stuggling to make it through the rest of the semster I find myself soo up and down these past few days and I hate it. I miss a certain someone alot its been awhile since we actually had a conversation about everything but oh well things do change...I guess its really hitting me that everyone is changing, and I feel like I havent and I dont understand. Im also soo ready to move out, I had a convo with my mom bout it tonight and she was like well good luck with that I was like thanks mom! So as of right now I have to start saving for that. Im soo tired of living at home I should have picked the dorm....hmm oh well you live and learn take the good with the bad. Ha on to another note, I absolutly love the new Dierks Bently and Billy Currington songs...they are sooooooooo amazingly beautiful. One again at the end of the month I get to dog sit for my bro which should be fun!! I wish you could put music on these things bc I would love that lol sorry randomness. Well last night I went with Nate and Rach to Marble slab mmmm can you say yummy we were there from 7:30 to 10 then I headed over to a friends house to help him and another guy settle some issues they are struggling with right now so hopefully things will get back to normal with them!! Hmm this whole entry was completely and totally pointless Im not sure if I even want to put it up as one I know I need to update but I really have a millon things running through my head right now that I cant keep them all straight.. Its like a pinball machine and the balls are boucing everywhere lol...not to good of an analogy... I suck at writng lol I have discovered that haha who would have guessed.. well Im finshed writing all my useless stuff I guess I just needed to spill my guts on some random things for a minute well thanks to the ones who read all this lol!!! And also sorry for the sheer randomness of it all and I hope yall understand ha! Much Love------

My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with

eddie sally

October 03 2005
jamie......youre the best.

chris duncan

October 03 2005
i agree...you are the best. you never call me :-(


October 04 2005
Jamie, my beautiful girl! i love you!!! :D I miss ya tons, and i hope all is going great for ya! oh, by the way props on the kelly clarkston song at the end...i love that girl! take care and hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!