Funny...yet awesome

February 19 2006
 Well, we need to all take a moment and realize that life is too funny not to laugh at. Let me strike that, people are too funny. When did everyone start to take themselves so seriously? I admit I do it sometimes too; I have to stop myself and seriously say "Who the heck do you think you are?" And then I'm to being that 14 year-old thats scared of girls and doesn't want to grow up anymore because he won't be able to fit in the "Carrot-Patch" at Bugs Bunny World at Six Flags. Okay, maybe I was already too big at 14 but that doesn't mean I still didn't sneak it to run through some carrrots.  But okay people, let's all remember we are here to enjoy life and take advantage of the little time the Lord has given us here. If it doesn't matter 30 years from now, or even 30 minutes from now; why are you letting it bother you know?

   Okay, something else needs to be said: Last night was probably the proudest moment of my life. We were at the library listening to Colour Revolt (which I really liked I might add) and someone did something I would never think would happen to me. They walked up to one of our friends and these are the words that came out of their mouth, "Hey, is that Panama Jack and the Kid?" My friend came over and told us and I was on cloud nine. I know to most of you the music is dumb and we really don't take it seriously (that's what makes it fun) but we were reconized. I was shocked and even though it was pretty much nothing, it was the first time in my life I felt kind of "famous". Dumb I know, but it still made my top 5. And then I had to put my Top 5 in order. And here is how it came out.....
1. My 21st Birthday: The party and other reasons :)
2. Getting my Mustang: Something that I always wanted and will never sell (don't worry Rusty, you'll be driven again shortly I promise)
3. The night in Vegas this summer with Mysti: too many moments to list
4. Riding The Beast at night: the Coaster changed my life forever. There is no feeling like flying through the Woods of King's Island on a cold fall night. Nothing
5. Being reconized for the first time at the Library: it was just too funny not to list

  And now back to the music. Enlight of all the (b.s.) songs me and jordy write,  I've actually started to write some of my own "real" stuff again. Mysti's Valentine's Song could have turned out a little better I'm sure, but she loved and it gave me some encouragement. There is some other stuff I'm working on, but there is this one song that I've been trying to hit for the last few weeks with no luck. It's helping me though an issue though, so even though it never actually gets finished, its already been a big help. Its become like a new "therapy" for me and I love it. Well I've got to get back out in the living room before the guys cause even more of a mess....
  Here's to all of you that are living and realize that a sense of humor makes the best sense in the world.
  Spring Break, less than 3 weeks....