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October 25 2005

Ok...so it goes a little something like this.

Let's say you're a college student.  You haven't exactly been dilligent about going to all of your classes - and it's your fourth year doing this.  You've pretty much come to grips with the fact that you're a B-C student, and you're ok with that, because that's what you've chosen to be.  You just want a diploma. 

Well, in order to keep this B-C average, you must do SOME work, and go to class SOMETIMES.  Right?  Right.  So lets just say that one day you pull out your Accounting 101 Syllabus to see what you need to do in order to keep up with the class.  And low and behold, you discover that there's a SIXTEEN FREAKING PAGE homework assignment due the next morning at 8:00AM, and your professor ALWAYS picks up your homework.  You know this, because you aways feel stupid in class as if you're the only one who doesn't do it.  Did I mention you discovered this assignment at MIDNIGHT the night before?  Well there's always two options in this case.  You suck it up and realize you're going to fall asleep on the first page, so you just forget about it and go to sleep, or you committ to an all-nighter in order to keep your grade...well...to keep a grade at all.  So...just, for fun, lets say you go for the all nighter.  You don't even stop, not once, to get on Phusebox, or Facebook...or even to grab something to drink.  You work dilligently, and get the majority of the assignment done.  You work on it all night long, and you still don't finish (we must take into account that your brain will function much slower in the middle of the night) the WHOLE thing, but the majority should get you a passing grade, maybe even a C or a B.  Well, you take your shower, and make it to class on time.  You whip out the assignment, ready to hand it in.  But as your professor always does...he goes over some other problems first, giving you a little time to double check your big assignment before you turn it in.  And time keeps going...and going...and keeps going by, until, wait a second, it's the end of class.  And you're waiting for the famous, "Ok, it's time to hand in your assignment" line.  But it never comes.  IN FACT, the professor acknowledges the assignment, but decides NOT to make it due on this day and NOT to make it worth 30 points toward your final grade like the syllabus said.  Instead, it's due 3 weeks later, with the next exam, and you get 6 points toward your total on the next exam for doing it.  Now that's not a bad deal, BUT YOU HAVEN'T SLEPT BECAUSE HE TOLD YOU IT WAS DUE TODAY.  So how does that help you today?  It doesn't.  Yout just walk around like a zombie, going to your classes, not retaining any information.  Of course you realize that it's your fault to begin with, because you should have checked your syllabus and started this assignment over a week ago, but still.  You have SOME  right to be upset about this little event.  Hmm.  Just imagine if that happened to you.  And you'll know how I feel.  Sad, huh?  

Bethany Bratcher

October 25 2005
Sorry John Cade, that is no fun :(

Daniel Arnett

October 25 2005
Now John, you claim that you did not stop once to check phusebox or facebook last night, but you did..you made a post...but i know the feeling, i did a 20-page paper over the summer starting 11 hours before it was due (and even had to make a wal-mart run during that)


October 25 2005
yuck...my personal fav was my History prof. telling us all semester to not worry with dates, but then our 15pg final had to include dates and be in chronological order! aaahh good to be a grad sometimes

James Roberts

October 25 2005
I know the feeling, and it's no fun.

Carla Simpson

October 25 2005
aww poor cade! i am deeply sorrowed for you :(