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I got my Switchfoot tickets today. Other randomness to follow.

October 20 2005
So today I recieved my Switchfoot tickets for their November 5th show in Athens, GA. They were addressed to my billing address in New Orleans. As you can imagine...I was pretty worried about them be forwarded to me. Well, they WEREN'T. They actually made it to New Orleans. My family no longer lives in our house there, but luckily my sister was down there for the weekend gathering some belongings, so she grabbed them out of the mailbox for me. In other Switchfoot news...

photo from JFCade

Their website states that their album has been certified Gold (sold 500,000 copies) by the RIAA. It's not on Billboard's website yet, however. Their album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and is currently at #52 one month after it's release.

I don't care what anyone says...this is their best album to date. It may be darker than usual, but they are tackling issues that most Christian artists think of as taboo. They're connecting with people. Way to be, Switchfoot.

I'm predicting their next single to be Lonely Nation or The Shadow Proves the Sunshine, though it may have to many LPM's (Lords per minute) in the second verse of the song. We shall see.

Later guys. See some of you on November 5th, hopefully.