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I almost died twice today...

October 14 2005

...or maybe that's a little overdramatic.  But just after my post yesterday, as I was driving to Meredith's apartment to pack up and leave for Illinios, this brilliant driver pulled out in front of me as I was driving down Rutherford at about 45 mph.  Like a deer caught in headlights, she suddenly stopped.  I slammed on my brakes, skidding several feet, coming withing INCHES of broadsiding her.  Luckily, at the last second she tapped her gas and we were both spared.  I attribute much of the fact that  I didn't wreck on my brand new tires.  Had my old, bald ones still been in use...this could be a very different post.

THEN...driving at about 2:30 AM through Missouri, while Meredith is sleeping in the passenger seat, I almost had yet another collision.  I had been driving with my brights on for quite some time...and then on the other side of the highway I saw a truck approaching.  So I turned them off as a courteous driving should do.  Well, at the same time that I did this, two deer decided to cross the highway (or atleast try).  I didn't see them till I was withing...oh...20 feet or so...which isn't much to work with at 70 mph.  If I had been driving in the right lane, there would have been no chance at missing them.  One of them was standing slightly in my lane...but at the last second, as things seem to happen often this way, it quickly jolted back toward the woods.  Thank goodness.  That would have been quite a suprise for the sleeping Meredith. 

Well...needless to say...we're here and we're safe.  I'll be here till Wednesday.  Later guys.

Nathan Moore

October 14 2005
good to hear that you are okay... and good to know that you know what tags are and how they are used (and the regular phusebox users are scratching their heads right now)...

Matt Beck

October 14 2005
Whoa, glad you are ok... At the rate you're going I better go ahead and start praying for your trip back.

Bethany Bratcher

October 14 2005
Good gracious-glad you got there! If I were your good friend, good enough to ever ride in your car, I would seriously be reconsidering that at this moment!