Passion 07'

January 05 2007
God was at Passion. It was so awesome to see God moving in each person's heart and soul at Passion. I praise God that I was blessed to be a part of it. For those who did not get to go, i bring good news. Telling you to encourage you in your walk. God did amazing things at passion. Know and be glad that God's word went out in Atlanta and the body of Christ was challenged and uplifted. I know it is hard to get excited about something that happened in another state that you were not at but I pray that God will give you an excitement for your brohers and sisters who's lives were transformed by the almighty God! Be excited and praise God for what he did even if you were not ther. I love each of you and pray that God does amazing things in each of your lives in the upcoming year. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Your brother in Christ,

elizabeth duncan

January 05 2007
I didn't get to go (I mean I know you know that) but i did follow along online - it broke my heart just listening. And of course I got a fabulous recap from your sister...which broke my heart even more. All that to say, God is so, so good. I'm glad Passion was great for you and the youth!

Bethany Bratcher

January 09 2007
Amen! I love you, Bro...thanks for being faithful to serve the youth at BA