December 12 2006
Our journey with God has never been about getting closer to Him. When we accepted Christ we received the Holy Spirit, which is God. He is living in each Christians soul. Nothing can get closer than that. God is never changing and will never leave us. So he never moves. He is dwelling in each of us. Our walk with God is not about getting closer to Him, it is about learning how to stay in tune with God who is already and always so close. He is never changing. He began a transformational journey when we accepted him..... It is up to us each day to learn how to hear and sense him in our souls. I beleive to do this we must practice spiritual diciplines to allow ourselves to become open to the Holy Spirit's guidence..... To tune into the Holy Spirt and walk step and step with Him. In doing this we are transformed by the only one that can transform us.... The Holy Spirit who is God!!!!

Keep fighting the good fight of faith for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Your brother in Christ,

Nathan Moore

December 13 2006
i like your new profile pic... great post. see ya soon!