Gods Calling

November 19 2006
Isn't God good? I mean here i sit thinking how amazing it is that i am privalaged to be a part of this calling to somthing that is so much bigger than I am.... I mean isn't that what i have been striving for my whole life? To find purpose for my life by seeking to be a part of somthing that is bigger than I could ever be..... Well, I see now I AM A PART OF THE BIGGEST, MOST IMPORTANT STORY EVER! And so are you who have chosen to be sons and daughters of the living God! God is calling each of us to become a part of thi wonderful and exciting story of his redemtive plan! May I praise God for giving me this oppertunity! May I praise God for the eternal blessing he gives me! May I not waist this time God has given me on myself! May God be glorified in all that I do!!!!! I pray that we as the body of Christ will take an extremely proactive view on the world around us! It is in us choosing to live in Gods Kingdom each day of our life that we finaly begin to truly experience God and his plan for us! God is calling both you and me! Lets not deny that calling. Lets embrace it and run full speed into God's loving arms! God loves you and I love you whether you are a saved or choose against God's grace or even if you do not beleive in God. I pray that you will see that God cares and loves for you.

I love each of you and hope you have a great day!

Nathan Moore

November 19 2006
awesome post... i hope you are having a great weekend!

elizabeth duncan

November 19 2006
i agree with nathan...wow. i think you're great!