God is Real

November 08 2006
I know that people say, I do not beleive in God. I can't see how God could be real with all the things that go on in the world. I cant understand how God is at all active if he is even out there because I have never seen him.... Well these are questions that every person who is presented with the idea of a higher being has to answer. These are questions that still creep into the minds of even the firmest beleivers. But this God, if we choose to beleive exist, has placed this relationship in front of us. It is not by visible sight or by verbal words that he prooves he is real. He prooves he is real by the transformation he takes us through on the journey of life. When one has experienced the power of God in that way they have no choice but to acknowlege he is who he is..... I know that a lot of people have been burned by life and by religion. I do not pretend that all is well with what we see as religion, but I do claim that al must aswer the question of whether they beleive in God or not. And in my own personal journey i can not deny his presence. I know that sonds like a sunday school answer but it is the truth.... God has been real to me. I pray not that each person can in some way see God somwhere n their life because it breaks my heart knowing people have to deal with life and its crap without a relationship that has been so fulfilling to my own life. I wanst sooooo bad for others to love God and most of all ee that GOD DOES LOVE THEM!!!!! Don't look at religion. Look to see how God is real in your own specific life and the circimstances around you. He is there. I love each of you.

1John 1:1-4

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
great thoughts Jonathan...

elizabeth duncan

November 09 2006
i think you are incredible. i'm glad i know you.

Jade Nicole Burnett

November 10 2006
J-mo .. you have a heart of Gold and I think ur just awesome... see ya this weekend brother!!!!