September 22 2006
Ok... I was reading the short news blurbs for mtsu when I cam across this;
Attempted Strong Arm Robbery:  Fairview Building South Parking Lot

September 20, 2006, at approximately 9:37 AM, a female student reported that an unknown white male, heavy set, with blonde hair, approximately 20 years of age, approached her in the Fairview Building south parking lot and demanded money.  Victim refused to surrender money and the suspect fled the scene.

So... I'm wondering; did they just not report on this well or am I missing something... He came demanded money without any sort of force, or incentive, no weapon, or threat, and then when she didn't just say oh ok sure... then he ran away? The picture just seems like it's missing something to me. Either that or we have a very callow robber running around campus.


September 22 2006
lol "psst, hey give me money..." "no" "AHHH!!" *runs away*

adam rodrigues

October 17 2006
It was me. muhahahaha ;)

Aaron Massey

October 19 2006
howdy, was cool having lunch with you and the others tuesday. know i don't know you too well, but you seem cool. and good luck with waitressing and school. peace. aaron