First REAL night

September 08 2006
    Last night was interesting and a lot of fun. There were interesting parts, fun parts, boring parts, way too busy parts, frustrating parts, and rewarding parts. It is definatly more fast paced than DQ but I really enjoyed visiting with the people at my tables.
    For the first hour and a half no one was seated at my tables, those who would've been weren't because one of the servers was trying to get to the stuff stored under my booth that was a little dissapointing. But then three of my tables were sat all at once and I got extremely busy. But it was fun and I did very well for my first night. I made an average of 24.8% in tips. And this was just my first night. I think part of it was that this place is new, but then again I also am new and I will get better at this. so... in a couple weeks when I actually really know what I'm doing you all should come :-)


September 08 2006
Where are you working? I'm sure you mentioned it, but I seem to be rather forgetful these days.

Rebekah Minor

September 08 2006
oh i knew i recognized your name from somewhere and it was phusebox!!! you were a wonderful waitress!

Jessica Jo

September 08 2006
I'm glad work went well for you. Remember if you need anything just call. I'm only a second away. Much love.

Becca Hicks

September 17 2006
that is pretty weird.<br> i went photo surfing online...found some really cool ones!! =] <BR><BR> miss ya girl, text/call me sometime!<br> [becca]