September 04 2006
    My first nights of real serving (where people actually have to pay to eat) are this week. They open on Wednesday and I am working thursday night and saturday night. Anyway, I hope that I will get the hang of it fairly quickly. I could use the money. I'm glad I took a break but it'll be nice to have a job now.
    God is so good. I myself would never have picked a barbacue place to work. I thought it would be too casual and that I wouldn't make good tips. But this place is "an upperscale casual" place. It's cool and I feel like things worked this way for a reason. I spent a lot of time praying about it just because I didn't want to commit to a place that I wouldn't want to be "stuck" for a while. I like this place.

Jessica Jo

September 04 2006
Hey girl. Is it the place called Jim and Nick's? haha. I work right by it if that's what it is.