First night

September 02 2006
    Well... I think tonight was a good learning experience... It was well rounded. I think it was really good for me.
    Since we haven't really opened yet and everyone is stil training tonight they invited some people in and gave them free food.

I think I got a well rounded experience.

    I got stiffed by people who said I was the best waitress they had had in a really long time and told me taht I was great... they gave me a whopping $1 for all three of them and they ordered appatizers, entrees, desserts, and two of them had four refills. It's cool though, I would have treated them the same way I did even if I knew how they would tip.

    I had one college age girl who was really sweet and emptied out her pockets for tip.

    I had one really great couple who were just generally pleasant who gave me a considerably large tip even though the kitchen took awhile for thier food.

    And then I got one table that tipped in the middle.

So it was  a lot of fun. I learned a lot... Though I did mess up, I forgot to ask about smoked or grilled chicken on one of the salads.... Like I said though it was a learning thing. And for the most part the people I worked with were really awesome as well :-)

I think it'll be good. You all will have to come see me once we open for real :-)

Bill Morgan

September 02 2006
Learning experiences are good ... and remember ... life isn't always fair. Sometimes the people you work the hardest for, stiff you. Other times, somebody really nice comes it and makes the whole night worth it.


September 03 2006
ill come...& and i'll make you run around in circles! HA! j/k