August 19 2006
    So as everyone already knows, we went sailing today :-).. the boat was over fifty feet long, had six beds, including one full size, two bathrooms, a kitchen, basically everything! It was loads of fun! I have now decided that I officially love sailing! Granted it has it's downs, but it was a boatload of fun (pun intended). The wind in your face, spray of the crashing waves, and overwhelming vastness of the ocean, combination was astounding... God's creation is beautiful and this was just one more way to take it in. MJ, Zay and I are all feeling a bit lightheaded so I'm assuming sailing does that to you?

    Yesterday, I saw a lot of dolphins!! We went on a whale watch and saw one whale sorta but lots of dolphins... then last night my aunt took me shopping. She's awesome!

    Day before last we went to the beach, and then I went to see Oliver Twist in outdoor theater that night... I also saw a lot of beautiful gardens! My aunt took a pic of me in one of the gardens so I may post that just so you can see how gorgeous they are! They have really full, bright gardens all over the place.. I love it here by the coast!

     So really to cover all that I'm having a great time, my family is great and God's creation is awesome!! Hope you all arent' missing me too terribly much lol... I get back Monday which is cool cause I get to se you all... but at the same time... I really really love it here so I'm bummed :-( Plus all the people up here (my aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparents area all great) I'll miss you all!

Have a great night.