you && i collide

September 15 2005
ok so i pretty much have the B E S T
bestfriend in the entire world
Christopher Slate
i went and saw him sing today
it was A M A Z I N G as usually
hes an awesome singer
u should here him
like i seriously thank god everyday
for him ..... hes like the most
important guy in my life && i would do
N E T H I N G for him !
So i got bad news yesterday
theres a very good possibility that im
moving to North Carolina
My dads getting a job transfer
im excited cuz ive been wanting to move
for a long time .... but im gonna miss
sooo many people
1* Christopher Slate
2* Jessica Gaines
3* Nneka Sparks
4* Savannah Allgood
5* Sara Beeler
6* Kylie Walker
if they only knew how hard it was for me to
tell them i was prolly gonna leave : (
i mean Chris is my bestfriend in the entire world .... i was pretty much in tears when
i told him .... im gonna miss everyone
soooo much


September 30 2005
omgsh i didn't know that! dude, like i can so totally say that i like am going to miss u! AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU VERY WELL! aww well, hope all turns out ok!