Woah buddy you got a update out of me

April 03 2006

So phusebox is really cool .... but i kno like ZERO people on here .... ♥

Lifes been .... well not to great .... Spring Break was AWESOME ... cuz i got to spend it w/ AMAZING people

Oh && not to metion i went to NYC .... woot .... i L.O.V.E.D it && im planning on moving there after college.

well yeah thats it ... theres no since in my making a  HUGE post .... cuz noones gonna remark cuz i dont kno neone.

but yeah have a good day



April 04 2006
well, since u know ZERO ppl on here, i thought i'd comment. im kelly. lol. NYC. fun fun. =]] well have a great day love. &hearts;


April 04 2006
aww that's cool that you got to go to NYC ive never been so i envy you! glad you had an awesome spring break!


April 18 2006
aww thanks for the comment earlier! talk to you later! bye chic!