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August 23 2006
So today Kenny did a sermon on the types of  music we listen to... good music and bad music type deal.  So I volunteered to come in early and help.  I got there... well first I worked on a video project which got corrupted and we couldn't use, but that's another story... but then I get the task of creating a wooden structure that kenny could place music devices on... i.e. cd playerss boom boxes, and a computer monitor, which was for people who listen to music on the computer, so that he could destroy them with a baseball bat.  But he gives me pieces of wood, a saw, a hammer, and some nails, and says go at it.  With the help of Andy, another youth staff member, we erected this beautifully crafted piece of manliness, that not only supported the weight of all the electronics, but it also held up through the pounding of the bat... I feel like I have accomplished a great task and my life is complete.  I created something with my own two hands... and Andy's too... but it was amazing.

The Capn

August 24 2006
you are such a man it's unholy.. pretty much

Megan Zickefoose

August 24 2006
yep that was fun!!I dont get y he smashed it tho I mean we could've listened to good music on it and saved him some money I dont understand!!