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In midland

July 30 2006

Ok, now we are in Midland, Texas.  Really the climate isn't much different here.  It does get a little hotter during the day, but not much.  Sunsets are beautiful.  We got into Texas at about 10:00pm yesterday, so we got to see the sun go down while we were on the road.  Gorgeous.  Ok, well thats all for now.

OH yeah... adams dad cooks great steaks... yummmmmm

Bill Morgan

July 30 2006
Good on ya mate !!!


July 30 2006
bring some steak back for me lol!

Rebecca Jensen

July 30 2006
You know for as late as I stay up... I havent' actually sat and watched a sunset in a really long time... I need to do that.

Jeana Lewis

July 31 2006
You're right! Sunsets out there are amazing! I miss that. Just thinking about the desert climate makes my lips chap. Bet it looks a little different too huh?

Michael Hooper

July 31 2006
Its.... ummm..... flat.... very flat. And... sand... lots of sand.