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What Should i Do?

November 08 2005

First before I blog, I would like to say that this will be my first Blog ever!!!

So I was just sitting here at my computer thinking "wow", I could use something to drink.....so I looked down to find some Orange Juice sitting beside my bed. Only to remember that I had left it out over night and all day. You now see my problem.....To drink or not to drink....what should I do?

James Roberts

November 09 2005
Get some ice and shake it up!

Robert Lewis

November 09 2005
i'm pretty sure that unlike those ham and cheese sandwhichs ya'll left out over night, orange juice won't go bad, so drink up my friend, a big hearty drink

kelsey shearron

November 09 2005
drink it up

Sarah Campbell

November 09 2005
Congrats on the first post!!!


November 09 2005
drink it!!!


November 09 2005
well written my friend... but how about an answer to your question.... did you drink or not?


November 09 2005
It's about time you blog! You left the orange juice sitting out... *shakes head*... wow...

jeff martin

November 09 2005
oh... its my hodg-e's first blog... i'm so proud..... to drink or not to drink... are u kidding me..... GO FOR IT!!!


November 09 2005
drink it drink it drink it drink it drink it!!!!!!!!!!!

BJ Hunt

November 09 2005
its basically alcohol by now


November 13 2005
that's kinda icky!


November 17 2005
do it. (oh and bj's comment made me laugh)