Lent means NO ICE CREAM!!

February 28 2006

So at 12:00 tonight, i am going for 40 days without ice cream!! At first I was going to do candy..and then I realized that I have 2 boxes of Samoas that my dad bought me..so that wasn't going to work..so next was ice cream!! I hope that I can do it!! But yeah.

Well I have 2 test this week, all sing practice, and 45th anniversary this weekend..I am starting to get a lil stressed out!!! But ohh well...

This weekend was awesome!! I got to see ashley and some of my family!! It was amazing!! Ash and I went and hung out for a while and ate lunch!!! YUM!! LOL!! and then mom, amy, and i went shopping for some dressy clothes and well..yeah..i got a lot of dressy clothes!!!

Well I have a test at 8 in the morning and i am not looking forward to it..SO i am gonna go and get some sleep!!

Luv ya all!!