February 17 2006

So I am at home for the weekend...Well not really...I went home and then about 3 hours after running around to appointments and to Verizon..I left to come to Chattanooga... I am working the Wrestling Tournament for TSSAA!!! So that is good..That means I can actually go and and buy some food that i might need for the next couple of!! But I really wanted to go to Union to see Ashley preform in her thing with ZETA tonight!!!! But I just got a text message from here saying that they won so I am extremely proud of her!!!!!!!!!

But yeah...So there is a chance that I could get stuck in Chattanooga this weekend!! HAHA!! It is supposed to snow and get bad here tomorrow morning...which kinda sucks b/c who knows when i will get back to tha boro and then have to turn around and drive back to martin!! BLAH!!! But whatever!! It is just go dto be home!!!!

Well I am going to go to bed!!! NIGHTY NIGHT!!!

Ashley Schreiber

February 21 2006
awww!! I miss you!! I hope your week is going well!! I'm trying to get caught up from all the variety show craziness.. please call this weekend.. i should be back here sometime saturday night... I'll talk to you later!!