Friends!!!! and Death....

November 23 2005

Well I am home...I came home with Dena yesterday!! she came home monday night and got up yesterday morning and drove down to martin!!! We ate some Chinese and then just hung out..i went to Bio class and then we took a walk around campus for her to see it!! Then we left and came back to tha boro! it was a fun trip back!! LOL!!! I showed her some of my SWEET moves!! LOL!!!! HAHAHA!! Got up this morning and got ready to go eat with my mom...Then we came home and put up the Christmas tree and decorations... and then i just kinda hung out here at home.... Tomorrow I leave to go back to west tn for Turkey day with my Granny and Pap and relatives..Then we are going to go shop in Memphis friday and then saturday we are going to go to my other Grandparents house to eat there!!!!!

tonight was fun!!! I got to see my 3 best friends in the world!!!!! Rachel, Dena, Ashley, and I all went to Marble Slab where we got to catch up with each other and just hang out!! Had a lot of fun and then Nate came which we have some fun there with him to!! But yeah!! It was great for us all to be back together..I can't wait till Christmas Break where we all have around a month to spend together!!!

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving....We give thanks on this day for everything that God has given us..These last few days I have seen a lot.. 2 people from UT Martin have been killed in just the past 3 days.... 2 people.... I saw one of them the night that he died... Right before thanksgiving..It is soo hard to think of what the families are going know that they have to spend thanksgiving trying to decide when to have their son/daughters funeral. I don't think that I could deal with it...

SO I ask you..Please pray for the families of these 2 people..I think that they are going to need it during this time!!


November 24 2005
ahhhh tonight was a blast!!!! i love you!


November 24 2005
who were the two people?? thanks for the text message this made me really happy like you have no idea! i love you julie and i hope you know that!