Better Days!!!

November 09 2005
Hey Guys!! I just want to thank those who put me in their prayers.. Things have gotten to much better since last night!! I had to let something go but I am going to be alright..As long and I have my God and my friends, and my family by my side I will be fine!! Thanks for everything!! I should be home around 12:00 Friday if anyone wants to do something..I know I am eating with my dad and my sister...Then spending sometime with Rach!! But after that I am free!! I will only be home friday!! I leave Saturday to go to the UT vs. Memphis game!! I hope I can see some of my buddies from up there!! I miss them!!! But yeah!! well i am gonna go and read some!! I will write more later!!! thanks again for all the prayers!!!

Sarah Marie

November 14 2005
Julie!! Hey! How are you? I miss ya a lot!! Hope you are like college! well i gtg Bran want's on!! Sarah Marie