Woof I love swimming in my water!!!

October 05 2005
Hello humans........life has been good. Right now I am changing a lot of my looks and I am starting to look like more of a bloodhound. I am one hot dog...lol. Anyways my master Katie has been taking real good care of me but had to spank me every once in awhile because I went pass the boundary line and was almost at the church in front of us and Katie caught me. I got sent in the pen by myself. I haven't done it for awhile. I guess she is doing it just to protect me from all of those giant boxes with wheels on them.
Anyways every time Katie gives me fresh water....I like to amuse her and put my feet in it and put my face in it and blow bubbles. My family has been taking me to a lot of car rides with my best friend Beau(he's a collie). I keep going to this guy who keeps giving me shots at a place with a bunch of animals but he gave me a treat after that. Well got to go now and play outside.


August 14 2005
Woof, all my fury and non fury friends. I'm growing! I had worms really bad, I know that's gross, but it really made my tummy hurt. Mom took me to the doctor and he gave me this really cool banana (watch out Call Call) tasting paste. I'm better now and I want to eat everything in site! I tried to eat a SOS pad the other day and my mom dug it out of my mouth. Funny thing is, when I drank from the evil cats water bowl, it made bubbles. HMMM
My chew toy, Josh, had an operation on my favorite chew part of his body and now he wont let me chew on his leg. He says it hurts and I'm too rufffff. I have 2 new toys from wally world, but i would really rather have the SOS pad, yum yum. I can't marry you keaton, mommy says i'm too young, i'm only 10 weeks old you sick O.


August 06 2005
Hi, my name is Hank. THis is my new Phuse Box site. I saw that other dog's were joining so I couldn't be left out, right?WOOOOF! WOOOF! WOOOF!