Jerks re-united

July 17 2005
Well this morning I got the privlage of seeing an old friend...actually he's not that old....but he's been gone nearly a year. Me ben and john got to eat lunch with Josh hornbaker (aka jerk 817)....pretty much our favorite guy in the entire world. I mean, just look at my profile picture. Is that not the coolest? I didn't realize how much I missed his presence in our youth group untill we got to hang out again today just like old times. We talked about alot of stuff, and got to catch up on some things too. So it was cool to see all the jerks back together again (except for one jerk who is in orlando...alex...ahem.) Well I just thought i'd tell u guys about that. Have a good one yall.


Garrett Haynes

July 19 2005
well...since nobody likes to leave me remarks on this thing...i'm going to leave myself one. Garrett...your the coolest.