Tonight & the upcoming weekend

October 04 2006
Today...was just awesome. Early in the day i went to MTSU's library, which was a bit of a challenge considering i went by myself, and i have never been there before. But i had to do some research for my senior term paper (which i am already working on by the way) and miss james required us to go there and do the research outside of class. So, i did. I was a little lost at first, until i asked a receptionist what the heck i was susposed to be doing (i know, i know...i lost man-points on that one. Never ask for help, or directions...its just a man law. I broke it. So sue me). But...they did have a pretty good starbucks in there mmmmm....yummy. Tonight was pretty awesome as well. Church was different, but in a cool way. Clint brought the word and spoke on Matthew 5 which was really really really good. After that was a restaurant raid at Chilangos which was also really really really good, and really really really fun. So, to cut a long story short, its been a pretty good day. But the best part of the break is coming up for me in about 2 days!!!! Can u say Garrett is goin to BIR-MING-HAM?!?!! OH yeah....u know it. Ummm...i watched this really cool Jet-Li movie the other night called "Unleashed". It was pretty much awesome b/c Jet-Li is the man and he kicks some serious BOTOX, and is still this funny asian man at the same time. The movie had alot of cool symbolism in it....however, i would not recomment the unrated version of the movie....hahaha....kinda graphic. Anyway, I have to get up in the morning to all.

Rebekah Minor

October 05 2006
you're already doing your term paper? i think at this point we were doing canterbury to grendel or something...but anyway, what is yours over??