The heart of worship

April 04 2006

When worshipping, try to imagine Jesus walking among us... listening to each of us with one of those stethoscopes that doctors use that filter out all the noise and AMPLIFY the heart...BUT Jesus doesn't put his stethoscope away when the singing finishes on a Sunday or Wednsday night. He's listening to the sound of the heart at work on Tuesday morning; he's listening to the sound of the heart when we're out with our friends on a Friday night. He's listening to the heart when your in that class that lasts forever. He listens to our heart when we are alone in the stillness or loudness as you read this now. He listens to the heart constantly as we should be in constant long after any songs you sing come to an end, the sound that continues to echo around the throne room in heaven is the sound of your heart.

**Stole that from John Dunahoo, thought it was really cool**

A quote to live by:

"I pray that when I die, all of hell will throw a party in celebration that I am no longer in the battle!"


April 04 2006
by the way.. i just listened to that fearless song...dang .. thats a good one. :) you have the best taste in music . - "God is with you in everything you do . " - Genesis 21:22


April 04 2006
wow good entry !!!

kaitlin gay

April 04 2006
i loved those little blocks.. they were so encouraging. i took a picture of one that says "i surrender".. how true?! hope you are having a wonderful day!! you are just the BEST garrett haynes =)

eddie sally

April 04 2006
dude it has been forever. um im going to be gone this weekend so maybe next weekend we can hang. peace.