April 01 2006
Mexico was incredible!!!!!!!!! I'll tell u guys more about it later and i'll put pictures up! Listen to the song "Fearless" by Bulding 429 because its a great song!!! Dios te bendiga (God bless).


A village of people praising our Savior

me and ben throwin it up

some mexican kids that we gave balloons to

the ladies of the trip

ben and shelby doin...whatever their doin

ben the entertainer

and again...this time with the hackey sack (sp?)

josh and kaitlin praying over a mexican woman

Mrs. Janice and Shelby praying with some mexicans

the jerks!

picture of the river that runs through the Texas-Mexico border

Me and the Shelbonator

Me and Abi

Me and Ami

Me and my favorite person ever

Some Mexican kids and their moms

We all of the people gifts to take home with them

Shelby with her crazy hair but gorgeous eyes

This was our base camp where we stayed

Me in a tree that I climbed

It was the biggest tree I have ever climbed!!! (I actually got up about twice as high as I did in this pic, but Rachel Randolf has those pics. They are yet to be released)

And again....

John at the cross

Olivia and Shelby singin in broomstick microphones

Look those verses up

This was a really cool picture I took of ben when he was prayer walking

Kaitlin sleeping on the van  : ]

A real Mexican Pimp!!!

That is one of my favorites

Ami and Olivia in a tree

A fountain on the prayer walking trail

Josh and Stephanie

Some cool kids by the cafeteria

Me and my boy John...I used to be taller than him lol

That's all for the pics (the rest are in my photo box, so take a look.) Hope u enjoyed.


Brandon Ray

April 01 2006
FEARLESS ROCKS!!!!! especially at the end when he goes solo and the drums come in...

Brandon Ray

April 01 2006
is that the mexico shirt? I am trying to find a picture of someone wearing my creation!!!!! GOSH!


April 02 2006
Hey buddy, I had an awesome time on the trip I made alot of new friends and got to know my friends alot better. I saw the pic that Miss.Janice took of you and ben in the woods (ya know) haha it cracked me up lol well I hope you have a great day as I did and i'll ttyl bye Abi

Rachael Vance

April 02 2006
i wish i could've gone! looks like an amazing time! i cannot wait to hear some stories of what Christ did through y'all!!!


April 04 2006
my favorite is the picture of the mexican pimp.. you dont see many of those often... hahha you need to tell me about the mexican pimp sometime. ive already told you but i like thepictures of you and john at the cross.. they are very cool . so yeh i will talk to ya later g. :) - lizzyb


April 04 2006
Garrett the Parrott !!! hahaha ...i heard that one from liz- sooooo I really like your pictures, and Im glad you had an awesome time. And God spoke threw all of u . And yeh the cross pics u and john took are Amazing! anyway talk to ya later-sarah