update on myself

March 22 2006
Well I am doin aight I guess. My last entry sounded kinda emo-depressing, but actually its not as bad as I thought. I probably won't have to move after all, unless my dad can't find a job within 5 months. And he should hopefully have gotten one by then, so yeah. I appreciate all your prayers and comments on the last entry though. Yall mean the world to me. I have really been finding out who my real friends are, and the people that I am gonna stay in touch with for the rest of my life. So tonight at diversion was pretty awesome. We talked about Mexico which is in 3 DAYS and I am getting really pumped about it. I am still waitin on the job at Belle Aire, and it shouldn't be long hopefully with all the references I have. Thanks to everybody who is helping me get on. So once I get that job, i'll FINALLY BE ABLE TO GET A CELL PHONE (I know, I know....i'm a latecomer. It isn't my fault. SO STOP GIVING ME CRAP ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! IN CASE U DIDN'T KNOW IT REALLY GETS ON MY NERVES!!!!!). So yeah, I can't wait to start text messaging everybody and calling people just because I feel like callin them.. I can never call anyone for a long time with my home phone b/c my parents don't like me to use it for long periods of time, and they get mad. But of course my brother can stay on there and talk to his girlfriend for like 4 hours and its perfectly ok. But that's life, and its not fair....never was. My mom is actually gettin rid of her phone, b/c she doesn't use it alot and doesn't want to pay for it. Plus the screen is broken. But yeah, this is a pointless blog and i'm just rambling about cell phones and wishing that I had one. So i'm going to sleep.

Ben Moser

March 22 2006
what job at belle aire?

kaitlin gay

March 23 2006
ahh.. no more moving =) i am very glad.. i would have missed you, garrett haynes!!

eddie sally

March 23 2006
dude hit me up with them digits when you get your cellular device.


March 23 2006
lol garrett I can't see you with a cell phone

Chelsea Turner

March 23 2006
well thats just splendid!


March 26 2006
well, i thought i was late when i got mine at 13! now that i have it, i dont know how i lived without it! you goin to mexico or sumthin? <3 ALI


March 29 2006
YAY garrett gets a cellll phone!!!!!!!it took my dad a while to give in .. and he didnt get the text plan ... so he gets mad at me when i use it hahha ... so whenever you want to talk to me .. welll you will have to call me haha ... hey but im still trying to talk him into the texting... it will take time.. but you are in mexico right now , probably having the most god moving experience. i have been praying for you and john and your youth group all week . btw im happy you dont have to move :) and so is everyone else..lol... and i know i have given you crap before about the cell phone hahha and im sorry .. you know im kidding so yeh .. i will talk to you when you get back and tell me all about your trip ! love - liz :)