Get Lost!

March 05 2006

I started watching it because I heard it was good. Now i'm wasting all my money on itunes downloading all of the episodes! Somebody seriously help me before i'm broke!

Rachael Vance

March 05 2006
well, i hope that u get that under control. it sounds very serious to me. first, it will start off as just a show that u like. then, u r obsessed. then... no telling what could careful... :)

Chelsea Turner

March 05 2006
FRIEND!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!! ISNT IT AMAZING!! I MEAN IT IS PRETTY INTENSE!! ha well good luck on your will eventually stop buying them(when you run out of money) ha but yea so that profile picture of you is pretty hardcore..let me just tell you. ha your great! -chels

Nathan Moore

March 05 2006
yeah. i am so addicted to that show...


March 06 2006
i heard that was good.. i have never seen it.. but i need to, well you know my addiction... THE O.C.... lol i know you have heard about that a lot with me ...hahha what can i say it is the best show ever... but yeh when does that show come on bc i will have to check it out ,it is sometimes hard for me to get into a show when i havent been watching from the beginning of the season... you will have to fill me in :) ok well i will talk to you later... that profile pic is dead sexy by the way... lol hhahahha - liz