I'm in love with a boy named Bill.

June 16 2005
^ Not particularly. ;-)

Mmm yes, my days are dwindiling down to the point of death from boredom. I'm hoping that Stephy's plans for an all week celebration will work. Because that would be awesome. Pure awesomeness.

Intreast me. Starting now.


June 17 2005
i dont know. why is muhammad ali on that list??? hey would you wanna go see batman begins tonight at like 7ish at the little theater?

Sara Read

June 17 2005
i second that. {the party thing}

Stephanie Levine

June 17 2005
i feel the pressure...

Krista Anderson

June 17 2005

Brett Tenpenny

June 17 2005
thank you courtney... that means alot

Jane Woodard

June 18 2005
so there was this muffin in an oven, right? he turns to the muffin beside him and he's like, "man, it's hot in here!" the other muffin turns back and replies, "OH MY GOD, A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!!!!"