August 14 2005
*groans* School isn't tomorrow. It's all an illusion. They calender is lying to me. My mind is lying to me. School can NOT be tomorrow.

But it is.

So, I went school supply shopping. The only good part about starting school. Seeing all the millions of pencils and pens makes me a happy camper. I even got white out. Do I need it? Nope, but it is awesome anyway.

I've also been working on my summer reading objects. I doubt Mr. Marlett will take them up tomorrow, but just in case. I probably won't do the Their Eyes Were Watching God one just yet though, seeing that I still need to read the book.

Tommorrow, I am desperately going to try and change my scedule around. If I could move third to first, and first to fitfth, and fifth to third, everything would be great. But I am trying not to get my hopes up, because everytime I do get excited about something it goes horribly wrong. Plus the guidence counselors are bitches. At least I have an excuse to change my history class.

Anyway, this entry was way to long for my tastes. See you tommorrow at not school.