June 08 2005
Alright, so I finally figured out this thing. Now I officially have three blogs. Grand? I think not.A lot to keep up with, but I suppose I could try. It is the summer afterall.

Oh look, three friends. I am oh so popular.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

June 08 2005
You are to "oh so popular", because I'm your friend and that makes all the difference, so there. :)

Stephanie Levine

June 08 2005
^^^ you think you're so cool. DON'T YOU? DON'T YOU?!?!?! Friend...yep. You're my friend. Steph


June 08 2005
7 now!! yes i must say i feel lonely in the summer. grr i wish i could drive... hey would you want to go see a movie or somtin tomorrow oh precious driver one??


June 10 2005
i would like to work somewhere not involving food. my mom wants me to work at the library :(

Brett Tenpenny

June 13 2005
you suck

Krista Anderson

June 14 2005
OmGAWD (lol) I have 3 blogs now too. This thing is weird, I like xanga better.