June 19 2005
Everyone seems upset today.

I love you all.


June 19 2005
i love you

Stephanie Levine

June 19 2005
i'm not. and i love you too


June 19 2005
The Beatles sem to make me Happy as does Harry Potter

Jane Woodard

June 19 2005
ah, we'll live :)


June 19 2005
I loves the Courtney!

Krista Anderson

June 20 2005
I luvvu my Courtney.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

June 21 2005
I'm not mad. no, wait. I am! nope, just joking. Or maybe I'm not. hmmm. guess. Go on. guess!! lol. I love you too! Oh yeah, stephy is having a picnic on thursday at kids castle, at 1pm. bring something, and yourself! :)


June 23 2005
I saw you @ the mall!!!! put a smile on my face!! can wait till band camp!!! LOL!