Phuse Box

March 24 2006
So i have a phuse box.  I am really confused so if you have any tips just let me know. Everyone have an awesome spring break. Peace! <><

Josh Morgan

March 24 2006
ha... post blogs using the blog manager. put your text in the big bix and any key words that identify in the tag box. that'll get ya started.

Garrett Haynes

March 25 2006
Berry what up man glad to see u on phusebox. Hope you have a great spring break and God bless. ~Garrett


March 25 2006
well there's not that much you need to know, other than what you prbly already know. and it's really easy to make friends..... <3 ali


March 29 2006
hey chris. suprised you knew it was me with my long hair. im glad to see you have a phusebox. they are really great. o and its allright man that you didnt believe me about the whole 103 thing its cool. well i guess ill see you at track practice

Joshua Carroll

April 02 2006
Man im feelinng the old pic. man the first trophy right? Now county. They give out 2 at state 7 monthys away. Oh I saw were rob ran 4:14 in mobile. gosh we are gonna get there.

Virginia Moss

April 03 2006
i&hearts;you like woah. too bad, i really don't like phusebox. imma myspace whore.

ami driver

April 05 2006
umm.. i never got that comment =(

kelsey shearron

April 06 2006 are you!?

kelsey shearron

April 06 2006
im good..hanging out at good ole class

kaitlin gay

April 06 2006
ahh.. thats awesome that you got a phusebox! hope you had a great day--and i think that you, ami, alex, and i are all suppose to hang out sometime soon? who knows.. =)