Its Raining

August 16 2005
It just started raining outside. Its awesome. Its cooling everything down and stuff, so thats good. I am really ready for fall time. Here's a question.

Whats your favorite season?

Alright, later.

Jonathan - Master of the Vibe


August 20 2005
what it is yo?


August 29 2005
My favorite season would be late fall, when it's chilly, but that's what they made longsleeves and pants for...yep, but i like flip flops, so it's warm enough for them.. that comment made me smile thanks alot, it really did help..i love getting feedback like that, I absolutely hate when people are just like "im sorry" and I'm like "okay?" ... I don't write that stuff for pity, mainly information, even though i was extremely upset about it kind of thing, but all is well, how are you good sir?


November 18 2005
Either Spring or summer. or winter. or fall. I dont know

Chelsey Montgomery

February 07 2006
you get a mean one on here too. <br>you.. MEANY HEAD!! = )