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Guitar, piano, horses.

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2 many 2 name

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His Dark Materials Series


July 10 2005
Hello one and all. Yes i have returned, ok it wasnt my fault. i was at my dads and his internet is broken, bummer yes i know but i survived and now here i am. well not much has happened this week. but this next week will be busy. i have customs and i have an appointment about my wisdom teeth. yuck. but anyway, gonna put up some pics soo please browse em lol. ttyl

Thanks guys, thought i would bring this back...

June 24 2005
The Soundtrack of My Life
- Opening Credits: “100 Years" Five for Fighting
- Waking-Up scene: “Welcome to my Life" Simple Plan
- Average Day scene: “Holiday" Greenday
- Falling In Love scene: “Drops of Jupiter" Train
- Love Scene: “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" Jet
- Fight With a Friend scene: “Lets Get it Started" Black Eyed Peas
- Break-Up/Post Break-Up scene: “Harder to Breathe" Maroon 5
- Lonely scene: “Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson
- Get Back Together scene: “I'll Be" Edwin McCain
- Fight scene: “Fighter” Christina Aquilera
- Wandering Around Randomly scene: “American Idiot" Greenday
- Heartbreak scene: “Are You Happy Now" Michelle Branch
- Mental Breakdown scene: “Going Under” by Evanescence
- Driving scene: “The Pineapple Song"
- Sex scene: "Clocks" Coldplay
- Dream sequence: “Stay" 12 Stones
- Party scene: “1985" Bowling for Soup
- Happy Dance scene: “First Day" MxPx
- Regret scene: “Broken Wings" Alterbridge
- Long Night Alone scene: “Bright Lights" Matchbox 20
- Closing credits: “Wonder Boy" Tenacious D


June 23 2005
Why this attack from Satan? Why can I not please anyone? Why am I soo confused and frustrated? I hate this. I hate it with a passion.

I feel so torn down. The one person that I wait for to bring me back up, just sits there sometimes. But I realize now that I'm not supposed to rely soley on people. God is the only one whom I should rely upon for everything.

What do I do? God please guide me. Please pray for me you guys, I'm begging you. I absolutely have no clue what needs to be done. But something needs to be done soon. I dont know how much longer I can go on like this.

I cant keep doing the same things day after day. If it keeps going like this, it will surely fail, and I will be the one ending it. Like someone said to me, one can only take so much pain before it starts to not be worth the good that comes with it.

I have faith in it. I just wonder sometimes what life would be like if it were slightly different. I fear knowing this, I dont feel that would be right. I just wish God would speak a little bit more clearly. Only the future can tell what life will bring.

Im sure this made no sense to people, and Im sure it made perfect sense to some, but to all I leave this... I love you truely and always.


June 09 2005
Hello, hopefully this will work out better than xanga. We shall see. I'm in FL right now, will be back on the 18th. Talk to all later.