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His Dark Materials Series

painful realizations...

January 02 2007

life is full of complications,

it hits you with painful realizations,

you cant seem to escape the feelings,

you continue to look for the "hidden" meanings.

you want something for all you've got,

but then you find its something its not,

but then why do you still want it?

you still want to try it just for a bit.

no matter what your brain is telling you

your heart wont listen even though its true

hearts seem to have minds of their own

not believing what theyve been shown

it wants for some reason to be broken,

never to think love is only a token

something maybe some people arent meant to find

they walk throughout life forever blind.

never to know the caress of another,

to really connect with someone other

than yourself, and theyre dieing inside,

but noone sees how theyve cried.

people dont see behind that perfect mask

too wrapped up in their own lives to ask

you realize then your all alone,

ive stripped all my senses down to their bone.

life is whatever... jus dont know what to think anymore... so i say screw it all! people who dont know what they want, people who cant take a hint, people who cant mind their own business, people who force things on you, everything.

yeah whatever...


January 03 2007
I'm sorry you feel this way. Whenever I come back home we can talk if you want to. I am always here for you Ashley Orman!