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Guitar, piano, horses.

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His Dark Materials Series


March 21 2006
well today be bittersweet, i didnt fail my bio test! yay for a 61. one time in my whole life i was ecstatic with a D lol. but anyway, i have been banished from AIM because of long story ending in my dad sayin that i cant balance study, computer, work, and school so it went byebye. he said next time hes goin after my car which in my oppinion makes no sense. i mean c'mon, i drive to school or work, thas it! i would LOVE to see him shuttle me around, it would make me laugh lol! but oh well, tis only til April. but anyway hope the world is better for the rest of u! i love you all!

the brian king kenobi

March 21 2006
parents . . . they really don't think through things sometimes.


March 21 2006
Lol. I would love to see them cart you around. yea, I was happy with a 56 on my 2nd A&P2 test! So i can imagine! Lol.