August 27 2006

well i lost my band to a kid with a guitar and now i cant do anything to earn money cause i have too much to do but other than those things life is ok

skool is gggrreat

August 11 2006

that day was awesome at skool accept one thing i tried getting on the band and he said i have to kno how to read music before i come in the band but besides tht it was awesome.

Skool starts in 2 wks

July 31 2006

skool starts in 2 wks and im kinda lovin every min of it cause i miss my friends but wat suks is i got to make new friends this year


July 15 2006

i finally have a phusebox thks to Brandon Ray. New updates me and Brandon R. made a band its called The Remembered. Were just like Switchfoot and Hawk Nelson ne way i have to go. Leave me some comments.

                 Peace _C_J_