February 09 2007

Hello again!

I apologize for being gone so long.  There has been a lot going on, and Mommy and Daddy have been awful busy.

Day care is back in session.  Mommy is doing classes and teaching during the day, and Daddy is at work.  I get to play with the other kids and the ladies at day care.  It's a lot of fun!  We have been learning a lot of cool stuff, and most of the kids are really nice.  And I'm going to be in the newspaper!!!  They took our picture for an upcoming story.  At last, my climb to top shall begin.  Now, how do I make sure that picture gets into the hands of a Pampers advertising exec...

I have a lot of cool new toys because of Christmas.  When I get a toy, I like to play with it until I have it all figured out.  After that, I only play with it if its super cool.  The newest toy is the rolling toy Daddy got me!  It's kinda like a tricycle, but there are no pedals.  Mommy and Daddy say I should sit on it and pull and push myself around with my feet.  Silly parents.  I have already determined that proper play consists of standing behind it and pushing it from a standing position.  This leaves the seat available for passengers and allows me a obtain very high speeds.

Mommy and Daddy got a new camera.  They say it's because I wont sit still and their old camera is always blurry.  I tried to apologize by flailing my arms rapidly whenever they got out the camera, but I don't think they understood.  But now we have a new camera, and it's super cool!  You can take pictures of moving stuff like the bath water coming out of the faucet.  The only bad thing is that they won't stop taking pictures of me.  I don't mind usually, but then they start trying to get me to sit down, smile, or look at them, all of which are terrible violations of my personal freedom.  I won't stand (or sit) for it!  But sneaky parents... that new camera is much faster.  With the old one, I could be completely out of the picture before it would actually shoot.  They'd check what the pic looked like and I wouldn't even be in it!  Even when I was slow, I could still move enough to give them nothing more than the back of my head.  Now, though, they're just too fast.  I have been told that pictures will soon begin to populate the blogosphere.

I guess I'll go now.  It has been so cold lately that I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time outside.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy bundle me up and let me play for a couple minutes, but we don't get to go for walks like we used to.  Hopefully it will get warm soon so I can go back out to the playgroud.

Bill Morgan

February 10 2007
Glad you are back. We've missed you. Keep practicing on your "swift moves". Bet in a few months you can outrun mommy and daddy's new camera !!

nell nestor

February 10 2007
Love you, little guy. Be sure to get mommy and daddy to post the picture from the paper, too.