November 05 2006
I'm getting really good at this whole running thing.  Mommy and Daddy try to chase me around sometimes, but they only catch me when I let them.  Not only am I fast, but I'm also sneaky.  The key to ultimate escape is the art of deception.  Just as they are about to grab me, I drop to my knees, put my forehead against the floor, and crawl.  To take the camo to another level of awesome-ness, I bump into walls.  Besides doing excellent things for my hair style, Mommy and Daddy are instantly disoriented.  They stop following me, and laugh hysterically.  Little do they know that I am not a cute little baby, but am actually the prey which they so recently sought!  Sure, I end up slightly dizzy, but all I need is a moment to slip through the door of my house to safety.  Speaking of the house, I've started noticing a draft.  I think it would provide more safety if it had a roof.  Or walls.

On Halloween, the ladies at daycare took us around to a lot of nice people on campus.  We got HUGE bags of candy!!  Mommy and Daddy have let me have the animal crackers and the gerber fruit bites, but they won't let me have Pixie sticks.  Note to self  --
Parent Speak: "This candy probably isn't appropriate for a baby"
Translation: "Delicious!  We must keep this for ourselves!"

Jonathan Wood

November 05 2006
That is so true, Daniel. Try to sneak some Pixie sticks...and share with good ol' Uncle Jonathan ;)

Bill Morgan

November 06 2006
Parents are always so sneaky. They PRETEND to protect you .... when all they want to do is steal your stuff. I know for certain that mommy and daddy couldn't have gotten as big a candy stash as yours if THEY had gone out on Halloween ... and being as they are tightwads and don't want to spend any money ... they chose to steal yours. Shame on them ... shame on them ..

The Capn

November 07 2006
you're such a ninja... Bankai!!!


January 30 2007
Daniel, it has been so long since you have posted. I want to hear from you!