Conspiracy Theory

October 16 2006
Gentle readers,

It has been a long time since I last wrote you.  I have been VERY busy.  I've been running around the house, playing a lot at daycare, celebrating my first birthday, and generally having a wonderful time.

Today, however, something terrible happened.  They conspired against me, I tell you!  I was running around the room at daycare when suddenly the floor jumped up and twisted, visciously knocking me over.  Then the wall leapt out and attacked me, violently banging my right cheek and eye.  Luckily, despite their evil plots, they didn't manage to harm me too much, but I yelled enough to let them know my displeasure.  I have a couple of battle scars, but Mommy and Daddy assure me that they'll fade.

Sarah Yeldell

October 17 2006
<p align=left> Daniel, it could be worse. Your parents could make you wear a Thudguard.

Bill Morgan

October 17 2006
I just hate it when the floors conspire against me ... especially when they put something wet and slippery on themselves !!

nell nestor

October 30 2006
Do they make Thudgard in adult sizes?