11 Months Old!

August 09 2006
Today I turn 11 Months.  I'm really excited about next month because I get a cake with soccer stuff on it.  I like soccer a lot.  Sometimes, Daddy rolls me the ball, and then says "roll it to daddy!" which means chew vigorously.  And trust me-I do!

I'm still working on that walking stuff.  I don't like not having something to hang on to.  I take steps occasionally, but crawling is much faster and safer.  Plus Mommy and Daddy keep chasing me around on the floor, and there's no way I can get away if I'm trying to walk.  It's a lot of fun!  If they catch me, they tickle me, so I really have to stay on my toes (knees?)  Sometimes they get tired though, so I have to roll over and wait for them to catch up.  I guess they're old.

Mommy and Daddy have new friends.  They're named Mr. Thomas and Ms. Summer, and they go to church with us and live just down the road.  They're really nice, and Ms. Summer is pregnant!  She's having a son, and they named him Daniel, too.  Luckily for all of you, you can just remember that I'm the cute Daniel.

I've started trying to use cups and forks and spoons.  Forks and spoons are easy once the food is on them, but I can't really get food up there... especially if it's slimy.  Cups, on the other hand, are awesome!  Mommy got me some real milk!  No formula for me!  And I get the whole milk!  Not just 2% of it.  I don't really know what the means, but I get an extra 98%, so I'm happy.  I found it makes blowing raspberries even better.  Get a mouth full of milk, and let 'er rip.  Fountains of milk!  It was all over me, mommy... I think I saw some dripping off the light fixture.  Well, I guess I'm off to bed.  I'm told I can have a little homemade ice cream on my birthday, so I know exactly what I'll be dreaming about.

The Capn

August 10 2006
I love you, little guy!

Bill Morgan

August 10 2006
he he he ... nothing like whole milk for blowing whole bubbles. Be easy on mommy and daddy, they are VERY old cannnot move very fast anymore ...

nell nestor

August 11 2006
And just remember your grandparents are REALLY old. But they are stealthy.

Sarah Yeldell

August 14 2006
<p align=left> ...stealthy AND a bit psychic when it comes to detecting mischief. Trust me, they've been putting mischief makers out of business for YEARS.