July 22 2006
Remember that story about the woman who swallowed the cat to catch the bird,  she swallowed the bird to catch the spider...?

I started teeting again, so I got a runny nose,  so I got an ear infection, so I got antibiotics, so I got diarrhea, so I got a diaper rash!  And not just normal diaper rash!  I hurts worse than anything.  Mommy said it was so bad that I was bleeding.  Now Mommy and Daddy are using some special cream.  It's hurting less now, and I'm feeling better.  I also get some awesome grape juice called Pedialyte.  It doesn't taste like any grape I've ever eaten, but it's yummy!  Since I'm still sick, Mommy and Daddy say I can sleep late in the morning, since it wouldn't be good to take me to the nursery.  I'll miss the other kids, but it'll be fun to play with Mommy and Daddy some more.

Mommy and Daddy have decided to use cotton training pants for a  while I still have a rash.  Something about helping me stay dry.  They feel cool, but they are... messy.  I think it's somehow related to the shower curtain on the floor in the living room.  Whatever I do, I'm supposed to make sure I do NOT play over the curtain.  I'd hate to make a mess on the nice clean shower curtain.  I think the carpet is much easier to clean.  They keep testing me by returning me to the shower curtain, but I make them proud by showing that I listen and returning promptly to the carpet.

Lately I've been exceptionally cute.  Mommy and Daddy have insisted on lots of pictures, even enlisting Aunt Sarah and Uncle Todd to serve as photographers.  I suppose I could post some of those.  My adoring public deserves them.

Bill Morgan

July 23 2006
Whatever you do, don't swallow a fish !!! Hang in there little guy. We love you and are praying for you.