October 28 2006
I don't want to go to school on monday, but maybe i'll go online then YAY!

Computer class again

March 16 2006
hello (again), i'm in computer class(again) and i really enjoy going online (again) why am i saying again so much, i don't know (again)well, anyway , Mr. VanderWould isn't in here, so i can type as much as i want hahahahhahahahahhahahah, oh he's back. gtg bye.


February 15 2006

HEy YeStErDay, my whole class went to the Shakespeare play MacBeth, and it was at Navy Pier, and i think that was the best part. I got a cheap-o $2 bracelet and the lady who was selling it was very ummmmm......unsettling. She had and Indian accent and reminded me of Osama, but hey, its not my job to judge, so, i guess she was ...nice.  AAAnyway, i'm in computer class again and Mr. VanderWould(computer slash history teacher) still hasn't figured out my master plan of going online during class.MMMmmmwwwwwwwwwahahahaha.     ....that was wierd, but o well, ciao

Hasta Luego



February 13 2006
Hi, I'm not supposed to be doing this right now, but I am cuz I'm bad to the bone.In the middle of computer class but o well, the teacher don't seem to see me at the moment, umm.... this week, controversy, to me , but no one knows, and V-Day is coming up, and the sk8ing party, no thanks, that's a no go.  I've been kinda sad, but o well to that too. Right now i'm really loving God, cuz He helped me very much when i was really down in the dumps, i'm not really sure how, but whenever i would do devotions, i would have a new perspective on things, but when i wasn't in devotions, i felt kinda down hearted, but whenever i felt that way a prayed and forgot about it. But class is almost over and the teacher is coming  GTG!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH! BYE!